Monday, August 5, 2013

Emme my love, you are Seven Months old. You can army crawl all over the house. You still surprise yourself that you have this ability and frequently starfish on the floor in frustration until you remember you can actually move. You love to play and to be around all of us. You hate to sleep and it is still an occasional battle. 
Watching your big brother is your absolute favorite thing to do and you are in complete awe of his abilities and talents. Your favorite thing that he does is blow raspberries and you try and make your own with him and laugh hysterically at him.
You weigh 18.8 lbs and are in the 98% for head circumference. You're a little chunk and love to eat. You especially love any type of noodle. You recently went to dim sum for the first time and ate turnip cake and lots of noodles. 
We adore you our sweet girl. You truly are a Daddy's girl and simply light up when you see him. You complete our perfect little family and we think you are just fabulous. 
Happy Seven Months Miss. Emme Em. 


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Six Months

Oh Emme my love. Momma is really not very good at this this time around. I hope that you will not be too terribly disappointed when you want to hear about all of your amazing milestones and find I have been awful at getting them down. You are six months-- and a few days ( 9 to be exact). You love to eat and would happily sit at your high chair and smear food all over yourself. Whenever anyone else is eating, your hands must be involved in their food as well. You stole a plate of dumplings off the table when I went upstairs and I came down to find you shoveling them as quickly as possible into your face. You love fruit but will happily eat veggies as well and can eat an entire jar of carrots or peas. ( yes, Momma hasn't made homemade baby food yet) You want to move so badly and will scoot or roll yourself around the living room floor. Your brother amazes you and you love to sit near him and try and do whatever he is doing. He loves to hold you but is not thrilled when you try and eat his face in your adoration. You try to get his attention by screaming and laughing hysterically and find him to be the funniest person ever. You love your daddy and are happiest when being held. Puzzles fascinate you and you are able to sit quietly and pull and eat pieces as quickly as you can get them out of their spaces. 
You are a sweet happy baby and we are so so lucky you have joined our family. You truly complete us. Happy Six Months my sweet baby girl. 
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Monday, May 6, 2013


I look at the picture that heads this blog and cannot believe that is the same little boy that runs down the stairs to greet me in the morning. That makes Caillou faced pizzas and knows the difference between front loaders, excavators and back hoes. That that little boy sings jingle bells in his crib to go to sleep and loves puzzles, trains and the outside. My baby boy has become this amazing little toddler with the most wonderful personality that brightens up a room when he crashes through it. He has my grace, which is to say little or none at all and his Daddy's interest in anything that moves. That little baby is simply one of the two best things I have ever made. Skelly, I love to watch you grow.

four months

You are Four Months old now. Mommy is lying in a bed typing this and trying not to feel guilty that I didn't take this picture on May 4th and hoping one day, when you are a mommy yourself and you read this that you'll be ok with that.  Ahhh...Mommyguilt is something that strikes at random leaves me breathless occasionally.
My gorgeous girl you are so incredibly sweet and amazing to me. You smile at everyone that holds you and eagerly wait to be picked up in the morning...or middle of the night, whenever the fancy takes you. You are strong and eager to play and love to be snuggled right up against me or Daddy and hopefully your big brother too. You are trying to roll and have done so once or twice. We may have cheated and given you a little help with the arm but you seem to find it so funny to lie on your side and flop back and forth. You still hate tummy time and as seen in the picture above will only tolerate it for a few minutes before flopping your head down in frustration and agony.
Your big brother absolutely adores you. I could not have asked for the situation to be any better. He asks for you as soon as he wakes up and is dying for you to be old enough to be able to share his "pink ice cream" with. He holds your hand/arm whenever you are near him and loves to cuddle you. He's working on the "gentle" touches but I know that soon I will hear the sibling love throughout the house.
You are still occasionally sleeping through the night, but not anything that I can count on consistently and while I am on bed rest are really giving your Daddy a run for his money trying to put you to bed. I just have to keep reminding myself only a week more before I am able to pick you up out of your crib again and see your excited wiggles that someone has come to see you.
My sweet amazing little girl. I've waited my whole life for you. You take my breath away and I am so proud to watch you grow.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How far along? 37 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: not sharing- under 200. 

Maternity clothes? gotta love 'em

Stretch marks? so far so good

Sleep: uncomfortable. I have the sleep number set at 25 so I am essentially sleeping in a hole.

Best moment this week: the baby's room is ready for her!

Movement: lots

Food cravings: milkshakes-- loving Wawa's chocolate banana smoothies

Gender: team pink

Labor Signs: nope- and still holding at 0 dilation.

Belly Button in or out? so far out- it is not cute. Skelly loves to lift up my shirt and push it in. 

What I miss: went to a MNO last night and missed drinking wine with the ladies. 

Milestones: I am going back and forth between being so ready to meet her and feeling like we are not ready yet. Also feeling guilty because I am not as involved in this pregnancy because I'm so busy with Skelly. Can't wait either to meet my new niece!! Also, in typical J. fashion he has decided to renovate our bedroom so everything downstairs is a giant disaster which is stressing me out. He thinks he'll be done by next weekend- but that is cutting it very close for me. He's painting today- so I will update on that- but at least this time I'll have a finished bathroom to labor in if Baby M. comes sooner than anticipated. 

Almost ready!

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